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The safe precautions for all ChengGong Machines

Before start the machine, kindly make sure that all the following safe precautions need to study carefully, as it is used on the complex construction site , so, the safe precautions are very important to ensure that the machine can be properly operated under the base to ensure the safe of the related operators.The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage resulting from failure to comply with these instructions.

1.Note: Before installation and starting the machine, Kindly read the user manual and make sure that all the terms are well noted.

2. When carry the machine, kindly use the corresponding lifting tools, otherwise it may cause the equipment damage.

3. Pls make sure the operating voltage is stable. Too large or too small voltage will cause the operation troubles,even will cause the decrease of working life and even burn the motor.

4.Make sure that the equipment is undergoing on the regular work environment instead of the extreme environment.

5.Kindly use the right working voltage .220V, 380V

6.The equipment must use  with the leakage protector.

7.The equipment must connect to the ground according to the related rules and laws of the local countries or areas for electric power supply.

8. Kindly make sure that the electric cabinet is closed when power on or running.

9.When power on and running, pls do not touch the main body and the power line  otherwise will cause a electric shock hazard.

10.The checking work must be conducted under power off.

11.All the electricity checking work shall be operated by the professional electrical engineer.

12.Do not use the damaged cable, or bear heavy pressure,otherwise, it will cause the risk of the electric shock hazard.

13.It is not allowed to stand under the machine or stretch out your arms and legs, when the machine is running.