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The introduction of the mortar spary machine.

The mortar spraying machine can replace the work of the manual painting of the wall surface, andalsois a good equipment used for wall plastering. What are the advantages to make its development so good in the wallsprayingindustry? Let’scome together to understand its advantages and its working process of sprayingsequence .


1. good spraying quality, no hollowing, cracks etc..

2.convenient operation , spraying speed;

3.good adhesion property in wall plastering, can be used directly after spraying , can save a lot of processes.

Spray note:

Mortar spraying equipment can be used for concrete mixing and spraying work. Pay attention to concrete in mixing : mixing time, and the feeding order. And need to pay attention to the spraying operation : spraying distance, spray gun running speed, spray pattern overlap, coating viscosity. Only these aspects have been noted in order to get the most satisfactory effect of spraying. Specific attention as follows:

1.When use large spray operation, spraying distance should be 20~30 cm,when use small spray gun operation, spraying distance should be 15~25 cm. Distance is too close to spray thick, too far is thin.

2.Spray gun speed to maintain a uniform speed, the general speedis 30 to 60 cm / sec. Too slow, prone to sagging, too fast to hold.

3.For the spray graphics lap need to accumulate experience in the daily work, in order to play the best spray effect.

4.Spray coating temperature should be controlled at 20-30 degrees , otherwise it will affect the viscosity of the coating, thus affecting the spraying effect. but for different enviroments, this tempreture is also not regular.