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The hand-held tools

  • CG-PQJ-2 dust free wall planing machine
    CG-PQJ-2 dust free wall planing machine


     1. High quality

    Standard quality, opening the mould of the scraper, axis, shell.

    2. Strong power

    Germany-imported motor, high rotation speed, a large torque ratio.

    3. Adjustable freely

    The motor rotation speed can be adjust, the , the scraper height is adjustable.

    4. Strong suction power

    Arc design of the fan blade, the high -speed revolution of fun creates the strong suction power.


  • CGKC-10S wall grooving machine
    CGKC-10S wall grooving machine


    1.It can open slot with different angles and depth according to different costruction need.The groove isbeautiful and practical.

    2.Using 360 ˚ dust free planing with cold water , when planing dust is small, reduced the dust harm to operators, more environmentally friendly.

    3.High-strength alloy hardblade,easilydisassemb and can be used repeatedly.

    4.When resting machine operating clearance can be hung on the wall safely.

  • CGDM-1 wall grinding machine
    CGDM-1 wall grinding machine

    1.Unique dust absorption function.

    2. Suction power adjustable

    3.Scalable handle varing from 1.1m -2m

    4.Strong grinding force; perfect effect;time saving;reduce fatigue.

    5.8 times higher efficiency than manpower

    6.Portable, easy to carry