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ChengGong Putty Spray Series

RUTO-976 high pressue airless automatic spray machine


This airless putty spray machine is widely applied for many materials with a stable performance, such as putty,fire retardant coating,water-based paint, and etc. It is widely used for different construction sites and environments,especially suitable for the high viscosity materials in the large-scale construction site.

RUTO-976 high pressue airless automatic spray machine

Core technology highlight.


1. The stable performance, especially suitable for the high density putty and the high viscosity putty in thelarge-scale construction site.


2.Widely applied materials:

Paint, water-based paint, indoor and outdoor common coating, putty, can dilute volatile paint, latex paint, fire retardant coating, fire retardant coating thin, packing, asphalt type of coatings, fire retardant coatings, two-component paint, floor paint, casting coating.



3. The strong power, which enables to connect the high pressure tube as long as 200 meters.


4. Widelyappliedconstruction sites:

Indoor and outdoor common coatings, heavy anti-corrosion engineering, steel structure corrosion, waterproof, industrial epoxy floor paint,and etc.



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