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ChengGong Putty Spray Series

RUTO-836 high pressue airless automatic spray machine





As the most powerful model with the highest configurations, which is used mostly on the putty and the related materials spraying. It is applicable to large residential, commercial, industrial buildings of spraying engineering, with the widest materials cover.

RUTO-836 high pressue airless automatic spray machine

Core technology highlight.

1.Applicable construction sites:

Applicable to large residential, commercial, industrial buildings of spraying engineering, can be sprayed most external coatings, industrial protective paint, floor paint, putty paste, coating engineering construction, the road marking paint, large common coating, emulsioni paint, steel structure rust, heavy anti-corrosion engineering, construction, fire retardant coating the metal surface rust spray paint, etc


2 .Applicable Materials.:

Sprayer oily polyurethane waterproof coating, js waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, putty powder, acrylic resin, protective coating, a variety of colors, solvent paint, varnish, foam coating, plaster, brick tick off seam, emulsioni paint, decorative materials, paint, varnish, flame retardants, surface coating, coating, filler, indoor plaster, lightweight plaster, mixed materials.


1.Unique pumping

2.Superior cooling system

3.Hydraulic motor and pump

4.hydraulic oil container

5.All filters

6.Unique structure design

7.Honda 13 P motor


Six Nozzles 0.26 inch
Four Nozzles 0.32inch
Five Nozzles 0.29inch
Power 13HP(diesel motor)/9.7 KW(electric engine )
Max Working Pressure 276bar
Max Flow 18L/min
Single Nozzle 0.65 inch
Double Nozzle 0.46inch
Three Nozzles 0.37inch


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