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1. Which kind of substrate does the machine can apply for?

The concret wall, the Red brick block,Filing block, Aerated concreteblock. And etc


2. Which kind of mortar it can apply for?

All kinds of contruction motars, the concret motar, lime motar, or the concret&lime motar, polymer cement mortar, also the gypsum plaster.

Generally, the materials that a manpower can render, then it can use our automatic wall plastering system.



3. What’s the working theory of this rendering machine?

It take advantage of the High frenquency system to squeeze the motar onto the wall, and when the platser board reaches to the top, then the plaster board turn over and press polish.


4. What’s the productivity.

For one machine, it can plaster varies from 400-1000 square meters with 8 hours a day.As for different models, different configurations leads to different automatic standard, therefore the daily productivity is also different.


5. For one machine,how many people need to operate the machine effe

Normally 3 people areenough to perate the machine, two people operate the machine and one person is in charge of small area repairing.


6. What’s the rendering height of the machine?

Usually, the standard package can support rendering 3.5 meters, exceeding 3.5 meters, The portal frame ,the poles need to be customized. ( it can reach up to 5 meters)


7. What’s the rendering thickness.

The rendering thickness varies from 0.2-3.5cm.


8. How about the finishing rendering effect? Whether it is smooth.

The finishing effect is definitely smooth, no hollow, no cracking.

It can definitely reach the National standard:on the vertical surface, the gap distance between the highest point and the lowest point is within 2mm, while on  the horizontal surface, the error ranges within 3mm.


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