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ChengGong Mortar Spary Series

PC15 mortar spary machine.



ChengGong PC 15 Mortar Spray Machine is spcially used for the Mortar spray, and also the other construction materials, such as the fireproof paint, refractory materials, putty coating and common coating and etc. It can also considered as supplement for the automatic wall plastering machine, as it can not only spray the interior but also exterior wall and the ceiling. Free from the limitation of the areas, enviroment and the working substrats and working surface.

PC15 mortar spary machine.

Core technology highlight.

1. High speed, high efficiency

The hour productivity is around 150 square meters, and if working 8 hours, it can spray around 1000 square meters, it equals to 20 skilled worker.

2. Interior wall , exterior wall and also ceiling.

For the spray machine, there is no limitation of the working substrates, it can spraythe interior wall, exterior wall and also the ceiling.

3. Wide applications.

It can spray the mortar, fireproof paint, refractory materials, putty coating and common coating.

4. Strong power and high pressure

The strong adhesion and the compactness can reach far more than the national standard.


Water: Cement: Mortar 0.7: 1: 1.3
Spray Tube Diamter 32mm
Power 7.5KW
Net weight 260kg
Air compressor 0.3-0.6 cubic meters
Spray Pressure 3Mpa
Voltage 380V
Hopper Capacity 90L
Flow 40L/min
Spray Height 10-30m
Particle diamter within 8-10mm


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