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Mr Mohammed visiting ChengGong-------from Saudi Arabia

Mr Mohammed from Saudi Arabia just come to visit ChengGong on March 2017.He begin to contact ChengGong before the Chinese new year 2017, Mr Mohamed told us afterwardsthat, apart from ChengGong , he also inquired many companies, through the deeper communication with each other, also considering that for such a functional machine that used in the complex construction environment. To chose a big qualified company is very necessary.

After checking the machine operating,Mr mohammed feel very satisfied with the final plastering quality, it is very smooth and flat without any hollow and crack.He also gets to know more knowledges about all the machine detaile, although, it looks very similar with the machines from the small companies, but the plastering quality is totally different. Each details, and each screws are full of design and research which support by the patents and the strong research&design working team.