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ChengGong 110 Series Plastering System

CGZN-110SE Automatic Plastering Machine

110 SE is the most advanced model among the three CGZN-110 series, apart from the industry PLC controling system and the Germanly imported motor, it is also equipped with push rod motor to replace the hand control pushbeam to locate the machine along with the automatic infrared device , to shorten the locating time of the machine and increase efficiency.

Generally, it give customers the best using experience with all the technology improvements.


CGZN-110SE Automatic Plastering Machine

Core technology highlight.



1.Industrial intelligent PLC controling system

The Industrial intelligent PLC controlling system is an intelligent programmable logic controller, which simplify the previous complex alternating current receivers, as an intelligent modal components. It can perfectly control the whole operation procedure, greatly reduce the failure rate of the electric system.


2. ChengGong unique Strong mechanical Design.

The standing main portal frame adopts the specially formulated magnalium, water proof and rust proof, the main portal frame is as wide as 21cm to ensure the perfect combination of the long durable hardness and toughness.






3. The ChengGong specially formulated plaster board.

The specially formulated plaster board, which ensure the rendering surface quality, flattening, and smooth, will not easy to get transformation under intense squeezing or the complex construction site environments. Perfectly combine the hardness and the toughness.


4.Remote Control Panel

The RCP is a software module which allows you to control the plastering machine from a distance of the machine as a replacement of controlling the machine on the panel.


Model ChengGong CGZN-110SE wall plastering System
Weight 136kg
Plastering Technology High frenquency Vibration system
Max Plastering Speed 6 sqm/min
Plastering Thickness 0.2-3.5cm
Plstering Width 1.1meters
Working Efficiency 600-800 square meter per day.
Positioning Style Infrared ray Position style
Power 0.75kw
Motor Germanly-imported step motor


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