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ChengGong Grooving series

CGKC-10S wall grooving machine


For this series wall groove cutting machine,it is portable and easyoperation with leakage Protector.It is a new type water and electricity installment with fast speed and one-time forming,ideal grooving tool to change open-wire line to concealed wire for old house,decorate new house and telephone wire.

The  It introduce the German technology ,adopting the fluid mechanics principle and the spiral propulsion, user-friendly handle, also equipped with the automatically dedusting system and the Germany-imported extended jagged blades, it can reach the perfect grooving results once shaping with no needing the other auxiliary means.

All the components are Germany imported, wear-resisting and long duration, while all the out covers are opening mould, quake-proof, dust-proof and rust protection.

CGKC-10S wall grooving machine

Core technology highlight.

1. The wide application

Applicable to walls of different materials, such as he concrete wall,the marble, moorstone,red brick, concrete brick,solid brick, sand brick, hollow brick, air brick, sand lime brick, Aerated brick, cement cover wall,All kinds of wall column and even the rebar.

2. Easy operation

One person can operate easily, during break ,just need to power off and the machine can be suspended on the wall safely, no need to dismantle the body.

3.  One -time shaping technique

Fast and automatic grooving can shape in one time, without the need of any auxiliary tool or secondary process, the grooving depth can be controlled flexibly.

4.  Rotate Freely

It can be adjusted from different angles, the shape is beautiful, rotating grooving is available for 45°, 180° and 360°, it can be applied freely.

5.  High efficiency

Compared with traditional grooving mode, the efficiency ratio is 50:1; it greatly reduces construction cost such as manpower and time.

one hour can grooving 90 meters groove.

6.  Wear-resisting cutting blade

The wear-resisting knife, high-strength alloy steel blades. It can be used for more than 40 times; Durable working life and easy to dismantle it.


7. Healthy and environmentally-friendly

Water-cooling system, absorb the cutting dust and then spray out with water-mist effect, it minimize the damage of the floating dust to the human body. 

8.  Easy to use

The structure is simple and practical. It can be dismantled, polished and repaired by non-professional personnel.
9.  Eye protectors

Auxiliary tools are equipped with the machine. The whole machine can be easily carried by a motorcycle.
10. Anti-locking

The anti-lockingpress button is suitable for body mechanics structure.
11. Depth adjustment

The depth adjustmentguide pulley can adjust the depth at will.

12. safe and durable

There is build-in power leakage protective device. Adopting double carbon brush that can undertaken a higher current.


Products Name Industrial wall grooving machine
Blade Diameter 106-150mm
Dedusting Water-Cooling System
Net Weight 6.6kg
Machine Packing Size 480*160*200mm
Gross Weight 10.5kg
Products Brand ChengGong
Machine Model CGKC-10S
Power 4800w
Working Voltage 220v AC/ 150HZ
Spade Specification 121*20*1.9mm
Rotate Speed 5000r/min
Cutting Depth from 10-40mm
Cutting Width from 5-40mm


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