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ChengGong Grinding Series

CGDM-1 wall grinding machine

Wall Grinding machine is a new generation of wall polishing products replacing manual work.

It is time-saving,labor saving and efficient,suitable for home decoration and large-scale public construction sites.

It cansmoothen the uneven surface after puttying ,replacing the original method, and all the dust can be absorbed in the cloth bag during grinding to protect the health of workers and also environment friendly.

The grinding machine is widely applied in grinding and deburring of the inner or outside walls as well as ceiling of buildings. Apart from the construction substrates.It can also used on the other materials, such as the wood pieces , for grinding,polishing, paint removal or rust removal.

CGDM-1 wall grinding machine

Core technology highlight.


1.Unique dust absorption function.

2. Suction power adjustable

3.Scalable handle varing from 1.1m -2m

4.Strong grinding force; perfect effect;time saving;reduce fatigue.

5.8 times higher efficiency than manpower

6.Portable, easy to carry

7.90 degree reversal automatically. easy to grind the internal corner and the ceiling



8.New grinding machine has only one opening to avoid dust leakage.

9.The grinding machine can rotate 45° towards the left and right;the grinding disk can rotate 90° up and down.

10.The motor has a long service life and is resistant to high temperature.

11.Humanized hand shank design can make operation more convenient.


Model ChengGong CGDM-1 wall grinding machine
Power 620W
Voltage 220V, 50Hz-60hz
Working revolution 600-1500R/min
Handle max length 2.0 meters.
Handle min length 1.1meters
Net weight ≥3.8kg


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