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Automatic Mortar Cement Plastering and Spray Machine

For building contractors who are involved in construction work of residential and commercial buildings, choosing an automatic plastering machine is an important point to consider. There are different types of machines that you can choose according to your choice and requirement. The automatic plastering machine is easy to use and make work far better and perfect. If you are looking for a new range of such machines, you have come at the right place.


ChengGong Machinery Technology Research Institute is a one stop reliable source bringing to you a new range of machines that include Mortar Cement Plastering Machine, Automatic Plastering Machine, Wall Rendering Machine and Automatic Spray Machine. We have a full range of automatic wall plastering systems that are easy to use, energy efficient and come with a number of added features. These machines are specifically designed to release the manpower and to ensure plastering work to perfection.


Automatic Mortar Cement Plastering Machines–A Variety of Models to Choose From


ChengGong mortar cement plastering machine is distinguished by high quality and they are very easy to use and to clean. It is the ideal solution for quality finishing.Due to the advanced technology, convenient operation and maintenance, functional advantages, our mortar cement plastering machine is widely used in the following fields: 

1.Pressure grouting for reservoir, hydropower, dam, port, dwarf etc;

2.Basic treatment and reinforcement grouting of soft foundation;

3.Backfill grouting or bolting grouting for tunnel, subway,mining construction;

4.Slurry circulation and mortar backfill for ground-source heat pump deep well construction ( new technology);

5.Building mortar conveying for floor, masonry or plastering;

6.Conveying and spraying of commercial mortar or equivalent mortar.